Privacy policy




Data confidentiality and privacy of our clients are our utmost priority.

This policy defines all the rules governing the way we gather and process personal data of the service Users.

  1. Personal data provided by the Users are processed by the service Provider, who is the administrator of this data in regards to the Polish Personal Data Protection Act (29.08.1997).

  2. Personal data, especially: name, surname, email address, birth date, ID number, telephone number, registered address, will be processed in order to set up patient's Profile, enable information interchange between Users according to the Terms of service, complaint handling, any Terms violations notifications and contract terminations. Data gathered through our service are used only to provide and maintain this service and to protect the rights of the service Provider and Users. If the service Provider would like to use this data for any other than aforementioned purpose he needs to obtain a consent from the User.

  3. Users personal data processing for marketing purposes requires a separate consent. Providing standard services by the Provider is not dependant on such a consent.

  4. Providing personal data, in the contact form or in order to set up a profile, is always voluntary and data processing in the service is performed solely upon Users consent.

  5. Data is never shared with third parties without Users consent.

  6. User has the right to access, modify or delete its data. After registering and signing in each User can viev and change his data in the 'Edit profile' tab.

  7. Entrusted personal data is stored and safeguarded according to the Polish regulations in place: Personal Data Protection Act (29.08.1997), Teleservices Act and Personal Data Processing Act.

  8. The service Provider ensures that the adequate technical means are in place to make sure that no unwanted third party access to the stored electronic data occures.

  9. In order to maintain the correct standard of service the Provider uses cookies. These are small packets of information stored on the Users computer, containing service address, creation date, expiry date, unique number and other information depending on a file.

  10. User can disable cookies in the browser but it may cause some functionalities of the service to be blocked or to work incorrectly.

  11. It is impossible to determine user's identity from cookie files.

  12. Files genereated directly by the platform cannot be read by other services. External cookie files can be read by external server.

  13. The platform uses cookie files to:
    a)   maintain User's session (internal files),
    b)     adjust page content to User's preferencers (internal files),
    c)     guarantee data security (internal files),
    d) provide statistics (anonymous) used to optimize service usability (external files) ,
    e)  link service functionalities with other external services used by the User (external files),
    f)   show advertisements adapted to User's preferences and to limit the number of showed ads (external files).

  14. Provider uses to basic types of cookie files:
    a)      Session cookies– deleted after User's session has concluded
    b)      Permanent cookies– kept for longer period.

  15. Every User can delete cookie files from his/her computer at any moment, as per guidelines provided by the browser manufacturer.